Om Singh

Vice-President (International Market)
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Meet Om Singh, the driving force behind Alphaware Clothing's global expansion as the Vice President of International Market/Export. With an impressive career spanning over 22 years and a rich background in industries ranging from chemicals to oil & gas and mining, Om brings a wealth of expertise to the textile landscape.

Om's journey in the corporate world has been marked by his adeptness at navigating complex international markets. His extensive experience in diverse sectors has provided him with a nuanced understanding of global business dynamics. Now, with Alphaware Clothing, Om spearheads the brand's foray into international markets, leveraging his strategic insights and deep industry knowledge.

As a seasoned professional, Om has a proven track record of establishing and nurturing successful international partnerships. His vision for Alphaware Clothing extends beyond borders, aiming to make the brand a global icon in the textile industry. His initiatives focus on building strong relationships, ensuring quality standards, and aligning the brand with the diverse preferences of international consumers.

Om’s commitment to excellence and his ability to adapt to the unique demands of various industries make him an invaluable asset to Alphaware Clothing. His leadership in the textile initiative reflects a dedication to transforming the brand into a global powerhouse, with a blend of quality craftsmanship and international flair.

Join Alphaware Clothing on its global journey, led by Om Singh, as the brand expands its footprint and leaves an indelible mark on the international fashion landscape. With his guidance, Alphaware Clothing is set to become a symbol of style, innovation, and excellence worldwide.

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